The TRUTH about the ATOM that no-one realises..

You may find it hard to believe that the whole of mainstream science is working from the wrong concepts. 

But this is what the inventor of the Omnia Radiation Balancer can prove. 

And it opens up extraordinary possibilities. Because when we realise that the whole Material Universe is made up of spinning light rings, and we understand the importance of balance in those light rings, then we can actively bring about solutions dedicated to restoring balance and therefore harmony between man and nature and even inside the human body itself. 

This is just our introduction to new science that has the potential to change everything.

Because everything needs to be changed. 

We can create a new civilisation based on love and harmony if we wish. Instead we have systems of 'generation/ extraction/ payment' which run our lives: Oil, Gas and of course Electricity. 

So if the whole universe is made of electric current spinning as light rings, why do we need to 'generate' electricity? Is this a sham? Is this something that was designed to enslave us and tie us to the money wheel? Because if it is, then it is a damn clever ploy.. 

And is that intention of greed and oppression, fundamentally, what it is in electrical current which causes an adverse reaction in the human body? 

Look at the cell in our video and take in this extraordinary information. If it is balanced it should look like this: 

 Red blood cells are spinning balls of light current

And remember that after 20 minutes of watching a video on your mobile phone, the imbalanced wave fields of radiation cause it to become imbalanced as you can see here: 

Red Blood cells affected by EMF (rouleaux) and restored to balance by the Omnia Radiation Balancer 

Imbalance in the radiation wave field is the reason why humans get sick from radiation. And the Omnia Radiation Balancer balances those radiation fields. 

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