Why Take EMF Radiation Seriously? The Top 11 Reasons

We have written this article for the benefit of all those who stand in disbelief that non-ionising, non-thermal electromagnetic fields (otherwise known as Radiofrequency radiation fields or microwave radiation) can have adverse effects on the human body (or on biological life).
We offer this information in the spirit of revealing information that you may not have seen before, rather than to prove anyone 'wrong' and we welcome any information, data, alternative version of events or scientific study that we may have missed. 

The 11 Top Reasons WHY we need to take EMF Radiation Seriously

  1. The Body is Electric [1]
    The heart is a big electrical pump, and our brainwaves and organs have been measured in hertz, which denotes electrical currents, by Bruce Tainio[1].
    We respond electrically to all sorts of things: walking on a beach, having a hug, standing in the Sun or listening to uplifting music. These are all resonant, positive electrical reactions in the body. It follows that if an electromagnetic field is vibrating in a way that is discordant with the electrical energy field of the body, we may resonate sympathetically with this discordant energy field too and pick the ‘bad vibe’ up in our bodies.

    Omnia's test results show that this is something that is known to happen in the body when we hold our mobile devices: the body picks up the imbalanced vibration of the device. This gives us a clue as to what a potential causative 'mechanism' for harm might be, other than heat. 

  2. Thousands of Peer-reviewed Studies Show that Rats Developed Adverse Effects when exposed to EMF
    Some estimate there are over 10,000 studies which show that when rats were exposed to frequencies even as low as 1G, they developed many serious diseases (ranging from cancers to DNA strand breaks to endocrine system damage, infertility and cognitive impairment).
    The best sources where you can find these studies are here:  
    The BioInitiative Study

  3. The Electromagnetic Spectrum Can’t be Correct
    The levels the rats in these studies were subjected to are classified as ‘non-ionizing’ and ‘non-thermal’. According to the original physics of the Electromagnetic Spectrum, this means they don’t generate enough energy nor heat to cause harm to a living cell. This assumption must now be challenged by these test results. So it follows that the Electromagnetic spectrum, which was devised long before the advent of wireless technology, is missing something. Is there another quality other than heat in a radiation field that could be causing these rats to develop diseases? 

    The Electromagnetic Spectrum 4G rises to 5G frequencies microwave

  4. Is the Sun’s Radiation different to Man-Made Radiation?
    It follows that there is a difference between these two types of radiation. The Sun is the giver of all life – nothing would be alive without it, including humans and the food we eat. It is of higher frequency and hotter than the microwave radiation in wireless devices. But it doesn't cause the symptoms that have been recorded in the reports in point 2 (above). So it follows that the Sun is somehow different to man-made Microwave Radiation fields. 
    (Note: Omnia has identified a new quality in a radiation field which we believe determines whether it is harmful to a living cell or not. This discovery could explain why man-made radiation is different from the Sun’s rays, and why both of these different sources of radiation can affect us in different ways).

  5. 5G represents a Huge Increase in Frequency Exposure
    4G had a limit of 2.4GHz. The 5G spectrum bands range between 2.4Ghz and 60Ghz. This is going to be up to a 24 times increase and this increases the likelihood that human bodies will respond (electrically) to these high levels of exposure. 
  6. Industry Safety Testing Procedures may Not be Fit for Purpose:
    When deciding on whether our wireless devices are ‘safe’, the phone industry uses a procedure to measure ‘Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)’. This is supposed to replicate how much heat human tissue can safely absorb. However, no human being is used in the test. Instead,  they use a plastic model of a human being. The body has plastic skin which is filled up with fake blood. A sophisticated measuring tool is used to ascertain what level of heat will pass through the plastic skin, to see whether it heats up the fake blood inside. If a temperature below the designated ‘SAR’ level is transferred, the wireless device is deemed ‘safe’.
    Note: no live animals  are used in the safety tests and no attention is paid to the biological studies in point 2 (above). This is a significant oversight and one of the reasons is that in the SAR test, the electrical currents in all animal life (see point 1 above) are not put to test. So the SAR test gives us no measurement of how animals respond (electrically) to EMF radiation.   
    There are many other dubious practises and revelations regarding ICNIRP’s safety standards, which can be seen in this video. 

  7. No ICNIRP Safety Level Updates since… 1996!
    The governing body which regulates wireless radiation safety standards is called the International Commission on Non-Ionising Radiation Protection (ICNIRP). They have not changed their recommendation on safety exposure levels since 1996. In 1996, we were using analogue phones and now we are on devices streaming video and emitting RFR Radiation of hundreds, maybe thousands of times higher than the levels of these ancient phones. The SAR levels of safety have never been revised. Olle Johansson is one of the key researchers into the biological effects of EMF on the body and he estimates that we are now exposed to one quintillion times more RFR radiation than in times before the internet. 

  8. No Safety Testing was done on 5G - Zero Dollars were spent 
    We would not get into a car that has not been safety-tested. In fact, legally we wouldn’t be allowed to get into a car that has not been safety tested. But the phone industry admitted to a Senate hearing that it has not spent a dime on safety testing the 5G network. This was admitted to Senator Blumenthal who was conducting the enquiry: 

    Senator Blumenthal concluded that ‘We are flying blind here, in terms of the safety standards’.  

  9. Legal Rulings:
    The Environmental Health Trust took the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to court for failing to acknowledge the thousands of peer-reviewed studies mentioned in point 2 (above). They won the case which you can read about here.
    In the UK, a group called ‘Action Against 5G’, led by Michael Mansfield QC, has just been given clearance to take Public Health England to court stating: 
    "We bring this case because we lack confidence in Public Health England. PHE has dismissed multiple warnings from both government and independent scientists including many Scientific Committees for Health and the evidence of thousands of peer reviewed scientific papers. Instead it accepts outdated opinions from unreliable and unaccountable agencies."
    It would appear that the only way of getting the facts straight on this issue and to ensure that proper safety standards, or even the 'precautionary principle' are employed with accountability, is to take the matter to court - such is the grip of the corporations on our society. 

  10. Insurance Companies Refuse to Underwrite effects of 5G

    When insurance companies decide to underwrite a risk, they assess all the evidence of potential harm. In the case of insuring against any health effects caused by exposure to 5G Fields, they have decided not to insure against this risk of harm. 

    In the most bizarre of scenarios, it seems that the shareholders of 5G infrastucture companies are being told that they may are running a financial risk because of this lack of insurance cover, however the ordinary people who are actually using 5G services are not being told of these health risks (detailed in point 2, above). 

    Furthermore, insurance companies classify EMF as a 'pollutant' and for personal cover, they insist that you have to add it to your policy as an extra costed item:  

  11. The effects of Phone Radiation on the Human Body can be measured

    Omnia has used the following types of test to measure the response of the human body (and water) to EMF fields in real time:

    - Heart Rate Variability 
    - Live Blood Analysis
    - Applied Kinesiology
    - Range of Motion Testing
    - Autonomic Response Testing
    - Biogeometry
    - Water crystal photography (the body is 70% water).

    None of these tests have been passed through the peer-review process, because that is not a process that brands such as ours can apply for. But that does not mean they are not meaningful. All of these tests showed that the body (or water) is brought out of balance by the EMF radiation field. The results showed that in the vast majority of cases, the body was brought back to its optimal balance once the same tests were conducted with the Omnia Radiation Balancer products being used.  

    There are many other points that we have omitted such as the contribution of 5G to global warming and the effects of wireless radiation on bee colonies, which are essential for the food chain. Also there are many studies that show that children are worse affected than adults, because of their thinner skulls and the higher water content in their bodies. 

    We hope that you have found this enlightening and that it has enhanced your understanding of the issue that is at hand. 

    However, if you have any information or data that challenges or disproves any of the points above, we would love to hear from you so we can set the record straight!

    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us


    [1] Body is electric: 
    A number of authors emphasize that the human body generates electromagnetic fields and mechanical vibrations with different frequencies. For example: V. S. Troitskii et al. "Intrinsic microwave radiation from the human body" Vol. 24, Number 1, January 1981, Radiophysics and Quantum Electronics, discloses measurement of intrinsic radiation from the human body, radiation which is due to thermal motion of electrons in biological tissue. The frequencies measured by this radiometry method are between 1 GHz and 10 GHz.
    Y. Feldman et al., Phys. Rev. Lett. 100, 128102, 2008, discloses that the sweat glands in human skin act like an array of tiny antennas that pick up radiation of specific frequencies, around 90 GHz.

    D. B. Rendon et al., Mapping the Human Body for Vibrations using an Accelerometer, Conf. Proc. IEEE Eng Med Biol Soc. 2007; 1 :1671-1674, discloses the use of an accelerometer to measure the vibration of the neck and thorax. Three different frequencies: breathing signal 0.1-0.5Hz; heart signal 0.5-3Hz and snoring signal 3-500Hz were said to be found.

    T. G. Wang et al., Resonance frequency in patellar tendon, Scand J Med Sci Sports, 2007; 17; 535, describes a method based on a vibrator which was attached to the tibia of 10 healthy subjects in order to measure the resonance frequency of the patellar tendon. A mean resonance frequency at 22.5; 23.0 and 24±0.8MHz was produced in the right patellar tendon when the joint was at 0°; 60° and 90° of flexion.
    C. Smith, Straws in the Wind, J. of Alternative and Complementary Medicine, measured the frequencies of human body tissue in acupuncture points.

    'The Body Electric' - Robert O Becker 

    Bruce Tainio discovers frequencies in the human body: 


    BioInitiative Study:



    Cancer Study (National Toxicology Programme) 

    EHTrust vs FCC Court Case:

    Action Against 5G Legal Appeal 

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