The True Concept of the Atom, Particle and Cell

If we know the True concepts in Science, then we open up a vast realm of possibility. 

Dr Ilija Lakicevic, inventor of the Omnia Radiation Balancer, has published the first part of his life's work in an international Journal, the International Journal of Science and Research. 

In this breakthrough article, which turns particle physics and mainstream science on its head, we will find out how every atom behaves in the electric Universe. 


You can download the whole PDF here: 

What 'Laki' has found is that each atom, cell and particle follows characteristics that make this model redundant: 

The traditional model of the atom is incorrect

If we understand how electrical current spins around the centring Zero point, a magnetic still point in the centre of each atom (not a nucleus!), then we understand more about our bodies and we understand more about the Universe itself. 

All of Nature's laws become easier to understand. All of the cycles in Nature can be seen as spirals and the flow of electrical current in two motions becomes clear: the compression of the electrical light ring into matter (into the 'matter' that constitutes our bodies' cells - and the same applies to the 'matter' in a teapot); and then the invisible discharge of that light ring into the ether. 


You can see what a cell looks like inside the body here as we explain these concepts in more detail: 

Blood cells are light rings which are spinning round a magnetic Zero Point

Everything in the material world, every single atom follows this process. The so-called 'Rhythmic Balanced Interchange' between the life and the death cycle of the atom. Every one of your cells is making itself and then discharging itself in rapid succession. Every cell is flickering on and off at lightning speed. 

All 'things' are made of atoms and these atoms have a 'centring mind point', the zero point in the middle which brings balance to the atom or cell. 

So once we understand these principles, we can understand what it is in a radiation field that harms the human body.

We can finally understand what it is, on an electrical level, that compromises the balance of the human cell. You can see this happening below in our results test from watching 20 minutes of video on a phone which does not have the ORB attached (middle picture): 

Live Blood analysis shows rouleaux developing after only 20 minutes of phone use

You see the difference? And in the photo on the right you can see how the ORB restored electrical and vibrational balance back to the cell in just 20 minutes using Conscious Energy that is stored in the ORB patch.

The ORB works immediately. The human body is electrical in nature so it responds immediately. 

In the full published article on 'The True Concept of Atom, Celll and Particle', Laki teaches us about the cell; about electrical current; about the deception of our senses (and how we have come to be slave to the wrong models because our senses are deceived into believing what our eyes tell us rather than what truly 'is'); and about the true laws of Nature.