EMF Protection: How to Reduce Exposure to Radiation

  1. Safeguard the Sleep Zone
    Get a regular alarm clock and turn your phone off at night. Your phone reduces your melatonin secretion (i) which is the most powerful anti-oxidant in your body’s night-time detox process.The blood brain barrier is also a critical component of your immunity and it has been found to leak because of microwave frequencies, which lets toxins into the brain, the eyes and the placenta.
    Sort your bedroom out and get into a sleep routine where you turn devices off an hour before sleeping and a few minutes after waking, to reduce the stimulus.
    Find the electrical circuit breaker that controls the electrical outlets in the child's bedroom.  Turning that off at night will reduce the majority of exposure to field effects and electrical noise (commonly called "dirty electricity").
  1. Turn Devices Off
    Whenever you can, turn off your phone, your laptop, your router..during meetings, when you walk down the street, when you’re sleeping, in the car or on the train. Your body will always recharge itself but it has to be given a rest from these frequencies.

  2. Turn OFF Connectivity
    Whatever connection you are not using, turn it off: Bluetooth, Wifi, or celltower (on your phone, tablet or laptop). Switch to airplane mode whenever you can. You only need one means of connection at a time.

  3. Move it away!
    Move your phone or laptop away from your body whenever possible.
    On your desk. In the meeting. At the dinner table.When having coffee. The intensity of radiation becomes weaker as it spreads out from the source (according to the inverse square law) so even a small distance of separation will greatly reduce the absorption (as seen in the Omnia Muscle Test).

  4. Use Hardwire (‘Ethernet’) Cables
    Air-borne radiation is the main offender in terms of radiation – it is dramatically reduced when you use a cable. So hardwire as many devices as you can in your home - your desktop computer, laptop, printer.

  5. Unplug your devices
    When you have 100% battery, why keep charging? All that is happening is you are increasing the level of RF and electricity that you are close to.

  6. Switch off the ‘polling’ apps
    Some apps are always asking for data (‘polling’) in the background – the weather apps, maps, stockmarket apps, even email – so switch them off if you don’t need them. All the time they are requesting data, volumes of radiofrequency remain high.

  7. Airtube headset
    These headsets transform the electrical signal into a vibration so that you don’t ‘mainline’ the EMF into your ear.
    For the avoidance of doubt: Bluetooth and wired speakers that are not ‘protected’ or ‘harmonized’ will send the microwave frequencies straight towards your brain.

  8. Use Speaker phone mode
    Place the phone away from your body and put the speakerphone on. This means radiation is not so close to your brain – but it makes the battery work harder too. The neurotransmitters in your brain have been shown to be affected by EMF and even brain cells have been shown to be damaged and killed in rats after only one hour of exposure per day. (ii)

  9. Find out where the Wi-Fi router is at work 
    You spend most of your week at work - if you are working near the router, ask to move away.

  10. Research Products that work 
    The only way to deal with radiation is to understand what it is, how it behaves and how to re-tune it so that it does not vibrationally upset the rhythm of the human body.
    Any ‘deflectors’, ‘shields’ or ‘blockers’ (including Faraday cages) are unlikely to work because they do not have the ability to diffuse or harmonise the danger.
    Be sure that you know how you can validate that the product works in a simple way, through seeing testing results that you understand.
    Bear in mind that any ‘shielding’ (such as paint or magnetic roll) may also keep wifi EMF inside the home, as well as blocking it from the outside.
    Low radiation routers which claim to reduce EMF without affecting the signal are also a good option. 

    Note: the Omnia Radiation Balancer has shown in tests that it balances the blood, it strengthens the muscular system (kinesiology) and it structures water (certified by the Hado Institute.Audit your life for EMF 

    • Audit your life for Microwave Radiation 

      How many screens do you have in the house/ office/ car? 
      What level of exposure, proximity and volume do you incur on each?
      Do you have Internet of Things connected devices, like a Bluetooth toothbrush?!? 
      Can you make changes such as hardwiring your HiFi speakers?