Step 2: Understand The 5 Key Factors that Affect YOU

The 4 Key factors that govern how much microwave radiation affects you are: 

    1. Proximity
      The closer you are to a radiating device, the more imbalanced energy your body will absorb.
      The Omnia muscle tests show that when you move your phone from 1 foot away from the body to inside a pocket, the body weakens significantly.
      Radiation decreases with distance and intensifies when a device connects to the network. 

    2. Volume
      The more data you consume, the higher the levels of radiation.
      Levels will ‘peak’ when you are looking for a signal – when you’re underground or out in the country or if you’re looking for WiFi or Celltower signals or use Bluetooth, the radiofrequency readings will increase.

    3. Exposure 
      Continuous exposure to high volumes of radiation from data-driven devices leads to imbalance in the body and which is likely to eventually show up in the body as disease.
      Omnia has proven that microwave radiation represents a stress to the body. The ‘cumulative effect’ is very dangerous and it may be only a question of how strong and resilient your body is over time before symptoms develop.

    4. Age 
      The younger the child, the worse you are affected. Young children have thinner skulls, higher absorption of radiation (a higher moisture content in the body), and their cells are at a sensitive and susceptible age where all organs are growing. Tests have shown that this level radiation is ‘genotoxic’ which means it damages the DNA molecule.

    5. Recalibration and Recovery Time 
      Step 1 covered how man-made radiation fields represent imbalanced wave fields that affect the vibration of your cells. From that moment onwards, your body is dealing with a 'stressor' and you can see that in a muscle test and in the live blood analysis.

      So the question is: how much time per day do you give your body to recover from this omnipresent stress?

      Because if you are not harmonising the radiation fields that are hitting your body, then your body will need 'downtime' to recalibrate and to recover its balance. 
Once you have understood these 5 factors, you can make changes to your daily habits to reduce the exposure you experience and therefore reduce the impact of the harm that these frequencies are known to afflict.