Step 1: Radiation - Know the Fundamentals

Once you know the fundamentals of what radiation is and how it behaves you can start to appreciate the scale of this problem but you can also start to manage it better. 

  1. All Data-driven devices are Radiating

    Phones,  laptops, tablets, smartwatches, routers, any ‘Internet of Things’ device.. they all transmit and receive very strong radiation signals. Even hairdryers are radiating too but our exposure is less. Microwaves are also a very obvious source of radiation.
    The same frequencies are being used in mobile phones, and no doctor would advise standing with your hand on your microwave oven all day. 

  2. On a Vibrational level, Radiation upsets us

    The 'Law of Resonance' dictates that these radiation fields we encounter will upset the usually balanced wave field of the human cell.

    A human cell has its own 'energy, vibration and frequency' and it is designed to respond to vibrational influences it connects with which are in a similar frequency range.

    When you smell flowers or walk on a beach in the sun, you are 'in resonance' with frequencies which align with your vibration.

    When you breathe in petrol fumes, load your body with chemicals or walk through toxic radiation fields all day, these are instances where, on a cellular level, you are in ‘dissonance’.

    This means that your body starts to vibrate at the same rhythm as elements that it is not designed to align with. Continuous exposure to these frequencies can cause disease. This is ratified in studies completed by many scientists whose research is referenced in step 4 below.

  3. The intensity of a Radiation field decreases over Distance

    As data is pulsed from the WiFi Router or Celltower, the signal gets weaker the further it travels.  

    However as the data is received to your device, the connection intensifies this radiation.  Two radiating devices connect with each other to enhance the strength of the radiation as data is passed to the device through these imbalanced wave fields. 

    The nearer you are to either the router or the phone, the more you are at risk.

  4. Connections = Spikes in RadioFrequency

    Every time you turn your phone on, or turn your connectivity on, or open a new app, or download a video.. the search for a new connection between device and data source causes a significant radiation spike. 

  5. Good Sleep is crucial time to your health

    Because we are bombarding our bodies with foreign frequencies all day and sometimes all night, our body needs to detox and recharge.

    At night the pineal gland secretes melatonin to clean up the body and this powerful antioxidant is a vital immune function, which is inhibited by the infrared light and EMF radiation from the phone.

    Your body’s circadian rhythm becomes upset and you start a cycle where your body is dealing with stress and immune strain.

    It’s the perfect storm – the phone creates toxins in the day and at night, it impedes the cleaning up of the blood brain barrier.

    Your body badly needs to rest from this vibrational and toxic challenge it is dealing with all day, so keep your bedroom clean.

    When it comes to managing the microwave radiation in your life..

    Putting a phone under your pillow is the worst thing you can do for your health. 

  6. There is a difference between Balanced and Imbalanced Radiation fields

    Omnia has made a crucial finding in this debate, following 35 years of research into the behaviour of not only radiation but of the Atom itself. 

    Many people get confused about radiation fields. After all the Sun is a form of radiating heat that is an essential part of our wellbeing. Why would fields that emit less heat harm us so badly? 

    Simply put, our research has pinpointed exactly why non-thermal effects of radiation harm the human body. 

    We will give you the simple answer here: it is about the quality and the balance of the radiation wave field.

    All atoms in the natural world have a balance. Thus radiation from the Sun is balanced and it is in harmony with creation itself, giving life to all plants and species alike. When man recreates radiation fields, such as phone radiation or at the far end of the scale in nuclear waste, the fields are characterised by a particular type of imbalance and this is what affects the vibration of the human cell.

    This is a big and complex scientific topic involving a few new concepts about how atoms truly behave. It goes very deep and will be explained in future publications to Science Journals as well as on the Omnia social media channels.

    The essential takeaway is that man-made radiation fields carrying wireless data are imbalanced wave fields and that this has an effect of dissonance on the vibration of the human cell, making it also imbalanced.

    The effects are subtle but attritional - because these fields are around us all day and we give ourselves little time to recover, the human body is put under stress and over the long term that is not a good thing for the body. What is more, kids are affected worse than adults because of higher water content in their bodies, lower immune strength and thinner skulls to shield the brain. 

    Remember, there are over 6,000 peer-reviewed studies that show non-thermal biological effects of microwave radiation fields. And you can see the volume of these fields that we are coming into contact with here.